Buying a home after a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy?
In today’s environment, more and more potential customers are looking to buy a home after a short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or other derogatory credit event. While the lending process can be challenging, understanding what today’s requirements are can help you assist your customers.

Should I refinance?
Find out if you can save money by refinancing your existing loan at current interest rate levels. While a lower interest rate will mean lower monthly payments and less total interest, a refinance MAY also mean paying closing costs. If the new monthly payment savings exceeds these closing costs, refinancing is a great option. Example; a refinance will save you $210/mo. and you are paying $1,890 in closing costs, your breakeven point will be after 9 payments. Typically any break even less than 24 months is good. Also ask us about our NO COST options.
Should I rent or buy?
Which is better for you: renting or buying? Everyone is different. Use this Rent vs. Buy Calculator to help you compare the estimated cost of owning a home to the estimated costs of renting.
What’s the difference between a conventional loan and an FHA loan?
Loans where the borrowers’ down payment is less than 20% will require mortgage insurance (MI), which can be provided privately or publicly. Conventional loans requiring MI are insured by private mortgage insurance. FHA loans are those whose MI is provided by the Federal Housing Administration, a public, government backed by taxpayers. Both mortgage insurance options have premiums, paid by the borrower. Each program has advantages and disadvantages depending on your unique situation. Our experienced Loan Officers will present both options side by side – the figures will be easy to understand.
What is an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) ?
The Annual Percentage Rate is the actual cost of the mortgages, based on the mortgage interest rate and factoring in all other costs, including points paid, underwriting, and processing fees. When shopping for a mortgage you should compare APR to APR on the same day to account for any interest rate or market movements. This eliminates any unscrupulous sales pitches and leaves just the facts.